I wouldn’t take out another loan

Honestly, I wouldn’t take out another loan. I would make minimum payments on the lowest rates, and put all the extra on the highest rate until paid off, and then domino it through the rest of the debts. The variable rate scares me, tells me you are going to end up paying MUCH more, and every time your interest goes up, your payments go up, so you could be in a real bind in a real hurry, your payments could double or more in a couple of months.

I WOULD only use a 2nd mortgage as a last resort, can’t pay my bills at all, type of thing. I would also earmark X amount of dollars for savings until you get at least 2 months of bills in the bank. If you have read much of this forum, there are a lot of people who will tell you that a HELOC is the worst thing you can do unless you first cut-up and cancel all credit cards. Do not ever apply for another one until the HELOC is paid off. Why?

Glad you asked. You have done nothing to resolve the cause, just put a band-aid on the situation and within one year, you will be right back where you are now only with a HELOC staring you straight in the face along with the other debts. I am not the only one on this forum who found htis out the hard way.

Before a few others pipe in with ‘think about your FICO score.’ What is more important, your FICO score or getting out of debt and out from under the burden you are currently facing???