Needs advice again

So, what I am hearing from the blog is that it might be better to just snowball my payments, apply more to the higher interest debt whenever I can and to get neither a second mortgage or a HELOC (home equity line of credit). There are couple of lines of thought about snowballing. The one you hear most often is to pay-off the highest interest first. This does make sense from a pure financial perspective.

You will also find people refer to Dave Ramsey’s approach; which is, payoff the lowest debt first, then the second lowest debt, etc. The reason? It gets some traction going. You can see headway a lot sooner and gives you incentive to keep going.

that would be my advice, never put up your home, ever, ever, ever. You may find yourself in the situation that my in-laws are in, they OWE more on their home than they can sell it for. Now, he’s in a nursing home, and she’s struggling to pay everything.