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The Stench of Truth Radio

Ted Torbich of the Stench of Truth covers the paranormal , UFO’s, government coverups, secret history of the illuminati, MKUltra, mind control, aliens, dimensions, occult, para-politics, and more.

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Archive for September, 2013

Friday, Sept. 20

Sep 18 2013

Friday Sept. 20, 7 PM EASTERN TIME “The Stench of Truth” radio show. Join my guest: Nick Redfern as we discuss his latest book “Monster Files” and more. Tune in:

Friday, Sept. 6

Sep 02 2013

This Friday, September 6, on “The Stench of Truth” radio show join my guest Paul Eno of the radio show Behind the Paranormal, and possibly his son Ben as well, and I as we discuss the multiversal theory of the paranormal. Listen live this Friday, at 7 PM Eastern time on the Inception Radio Network.

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