You don’t have to be in the military

When I married my husband I became a member. My son from a previous marriage became eligible for USAA membership. If he should marry is wife and any of his children can become members. If he has children then they can members. Even if he divorces, his wife would still be a member. If she remarried her new husband could be a member. You can get to USAA website by doing a search. There is a box to find out if you are eligible, or call their 800 number.

did he sign up while he was enlisted? It can’t hurt to call usaa and find out. they have a website… Not sure about your dad. I Know i saw a notice on thier website saying that after you got out, you had 1 year to sign up with usaa…i would check. you might have it and not realize..or your husband:) Worth a shot!

I’ll go see about it. *he* seems to just naysay most ideas, so I’ll find out and let him know. if a criminal wants your info they will. I learned from the best, my mother was a major con-artist. I finally got away from her, but I know so many of the tricks. She stole tax preparers social security numbers to get checking accounts that’s just one of the ways. Where there is a will, there is a way, you cannot live in fear. Nowadays, the banks will not hit you if your are a victim of identity theft…been there done that.